Year 2026.


Earth has exploded.

Not far from the easternmost starvalleys of the milky way, there now exists a small piece of land, once part of said planet, that would later be known as Nekopolis.

Having nine lives instead of one, cats were the only survivors of the cataclysm. Naturally, the feline masterrace is quick to adapt to the living conditions of outer space, but they soon find out that they are not alone...

The chosen cat warrior Mr. Cuddles must save the feline masterrace from extinction using his sacred cardbox and the power of cat charm to bring forth a new age of prosperity.


NEKOPOLIS: Spacecats is a single player action game for PC.

There is no ETA yet, but it has been in development for over a year and is in alpha stage at this point.

What is NEKOPOLIS : Spacecats about?

As the world had just exploded, Mr. Cuddles is given special powers by the dying Catgod. He must use these powers to ensure the survival of the cat race.

  • Find surviving cats and bring them together to NEKOPOLIS, a single piece of landmass in space that has been revived by the Catgod with his dying breath

  • Explore deep space in search of supplies critical to the survival of the cat colony, using your sacred cardbox as a spaceship

  • Keep fierce, cat-hungry aliens from eating you alive with the power of concentrated cat charm

  • Acquire and reassemble the lost technology once used by your human slaves on earth, and use it to evolve and protect the colony

Game Features


  • Rapid action combat in space featuring fluffy cats.

  • A strong story spanning over several cat years.

  • Lots of cats, each with it`s own purrsonality.

  • 4 major stages of evolution for the cat colony

  • Explore a wide array of maps including asteroid fields in deep space, remaining fragments of human civilization and creepy alien hives

  • Did I mention cats?

Questions and answers

  • Where did the name "NEKOPOLIS" come from?

    It`s a combination of Neko, which means cat in Japanese, and Metropolis.
  • How big will the final game be?

    The game will be fairly short.
  • How much will it cost?

    Probably around 10$, depending on the size of the final game.
  • What platforms will NP:SC be available on?

    Currently the game is planned for PC; for Windows and Linux. More platforms may follow if there`s enough interest! It will be DRM-Free.
  • Who is making the game?

    Just me - Zephy (Anna-Carina Schrom). I`ve been developing this project for over a year now.

    I've been active as a 3D Artist since 2005 and worked on 2 PC games and 6 Wii games. I also have experience in visualization, cg animation and 3d scan/print.

    Since 2010 I've been working towards becoming a independent game developer. I've put a lot of time into an RPG project that is currently frozen, which will resume once NP:SC is finished. I`ve taught myself to code somewhere along the way, and Procrastination Paradise (Web/Android) is the first game I've completed by myself under the "lvl7" label.



Check back later for more info, the project is delayed but not abandoned :)



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